Private Treatment in Latvia: Costs| Treatments | Clinics

This article will provide you with short information on private treatment in Latvia that can be refunded by the NHS if you live in the UK. You will find information on reasons for travel to Latvia, Private hospitals and their specialisation. We will cover the prices and quality of the healthcare system.

Why choose Latvia as Treatment Destination?

Private Treatment in Latvia: Costs| Treatments | ClinicsLatvia features a high number of private healthcare facilities and impressive standards of technology and healthcare quality. Combining these factors with competitive prices and tourist attractions makes treatment in Latvia an appealing location for medical tourism. Making it a great place to get medical treatment abroad. Medical treatment abroad in Latvia is an attractive destination for the medical tourist as treatments and consultations are available at very competitive prices. For example, a hip or knee operation in Latvian clinics will cost around half the price of other countries abroad in Europe private clinics, particularly those in Germany and the UK.

Private Hospitals in Latvia for NHS patient

Private hospitals abroad in Latvia have modern medical equipment for treatment and experienced doctors/surgeons often further their studies on exchange programmes in countries such as Sweden, Berlin, the UK or the US, and speak several languages. Patients requiring knee, hip or shoulder surgery or any other type of orthopaedic operations, vein varicose surgery, skin cancer, prostate cancer, bariatric surgery are treated at the Latvian Hospitals along with very good value for money, highly professional surgeons with a very good attitude and quality of care, MRSA regulations are compliant with European regulations.

Healthcare Level and Quality in Latvia

Latvian medical treatment students undertake a six-year course of study leading to his/her Degree in Medicine, with dentists undertaking five. Most doctors start their education at the Latvian University Medical Faculty or P. Stradina Medical University and often go abroad to advance their qualifications. Every doctor, surgeon, hospital or practice must adhere to regulations of the Latvian Medical Association which are working under the supervision of the Latvian Ministry of Health and each doctor, surgeon, hospital or practice must be certified and licensed. Inspections are very common, regular and strict, and compliant with European regulations.

The main task that the Latvian doctors set for themselves are the prevention of disease and the promotion of health. Most of the clinics in Latvia are private property, but the state retains control over the financing and management of large hospitals. Medical services abroad in Latvia are at a lower cost than in leading EU clinics.

Medical treatment abroad in Latvia costs (pounds):

  • Lithotripsy from £180
  • Arthroscopy of the joints (knee, brachial) from £ 850
  • Removal of the meniscus from £550
  • Knee ligament reconstruction from £1800
  • Slipped disc surgery from £1400
  • MRI from £120
  • CT scans from £59
  • Laser surgery of veins under local anaesthesia from £549
  • Haemorrhoid removal from £380

State Medical treatment in Latvia

Free emergency medical assistance in Latvia is possible only with an EHIC or private insurance. Do not forget that EHIC covers only emergency and necessary medical services under the legislation of Latvia. EU citizens have the right to reimburse the cost of medical services in their country of residence if received planned or emergency treatment in state or private clinic in Latvia.

What should you know about Latvian private healthcare system

In order to obtain medical services, medical treatment in Latvia is visited by both citizens of the CIS and EU residents. High quality of medicine, service and low prices are attractive for foreign patients. Medical treatment abroad in Latvia for foreign patients is carried out by commercial clinics that are not subsidized by the public health system. The price policy depends solely on the owners of the establishment and is not regulated by the government in any way. Despite relatively cheap pricing conditions, the cost of medical services in the country remains at an acceptable level: for example, the price for dental services here will be 50-70 per cent lower than in a London clinic, and the service of medical treatment abroad in Latvia is at a much better level compared to commercial domestic establishments in the UK.

Best private clinics and specialists in Latvia

Orthopaedic Treatment in Latvia

Orthopaedic Treatment in LatviaBest orthopaedic specialist in Latvia can be found in private orthopaedic clinic ORTO. The ORTO Clinic is the most modern specialised centre for traumatology-orthopaedics, spinal issues and rheumatology in the Baltic States. The ORTO clinic employs one of the best Orthopaedic Surgeons in Latvia: Dr. Andrejs Peredistijs (professional training in several USA and European clinics), Dr. Vitolds Jurkevičs (orthopaedic consultant in Latvian Olympic Committee), Dr. Jānis Viļums (Consulting doctor of the Latvian Olympic Team),  Dr. Valdis Andersons (residency in hospitals of the USA and Europe), and it doesn’t stop there at the ORTO clinic you can have specialised services provided by one of the highly qualified Spine surgeons/Vertebrologists in Latvia Dr. Kaspars Ruks (full member of AO spine) or Dr. Artis Gulbis (residency and work in St.Thomas and Guy’s Hospital, London, England). 

Eye Surgery Clinic in Latvia

Full eye diagnostic and treatment service can be found at Latvian American Eye Clinic in Riga. The specialised clinic that provided full eye diagnostic and almost every day perform cataract surgeries and glaucoma surgeries. Latvian American Eye Clinic’s doctors continue to develop and yearly attend medical conferences and seminars in the USA, U.K., Australia, India, Germany, Denmark and Sweden to seek professional perfection. The Latvian American Eye Clinic employs one of the best eye specialists and eye surgeons in Latvia: Dr Iveta Mezatuca, Dr Māra Briede, Dr Inese Kovalcuka, Dr Ieva Kulniece.

Specialised Vein Varicose Treatment Center in Latvia

Baltic Vein Clinic in Riga is the largest and most experienced vein diagnostics and treatment medical facility in Latvia and the Baltic States. The personnel of the Baltic Vein Clinic consist of highly qualified, experienced phlebologists and vascular surgeons, and professional nurses and surgical nurses. The Baltic Vein Clinic in Riga clinic employs one of the best phlebologist and vascular surgeons in Latvia: Dr Ints Udris, Dr Peteris Gerke, Dr Ivars Prudans, and possibly only phlebologist in Latvia who speaks Arabic and French Dr. Georges Jabbour.

NHS funded fertility Treatment in Latvia

There are two main players infertility treatment in Latvia clinic EGV who provides high IVF effectiveness at an optimal price and IVF Riga leading specialists in the sphere of infertility treatment team lead by Dr Violeta Fodina. Both clinics compete in the attraction of foreign patients by developing their service and offer every year. Competition infertility treatment in Latvia has lead to a decrease in costs and increased quality of service. It would be hard to find individual and professional service at costs of fertility treatment that is done by these fertility clinics in Latvia. Doctors that are employed by clinics are one of the best fertility specialists in Latvia: Dr. Zane Vitina (studied at Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London, England), Dr. Nikita Subnikovs (training at Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London, England), Dr. Violeta Fodina, Dr. Irina Kovalova.

Bariatric Surgery in Latvia

There is one clinic that specialises in bariatric weight loss surgery in Latvia and it is Weight Loss Riga. Laparoscopic gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgeries are performed by skilled professionals Dr Igors Troickis (He studied, gaining qualifications and experience, in the UK (Bassetlaw Hospital ward B6), Switzerland (St.Claraspital Basel), France (TYCO Healthcare education Center), Italy, Norway, Sweden.

High-quality health check-up in Latvia

Health check-up and diagnostic services are highly developed in Latvia at Capital Clinic Riga. Diagnostic and body check-up is provided by the private sector for more than 20 years. In this period private diagnostic clinics in Latvia have developed a high level of expertise and have access to diagnostic equipment that sometimes is not available in the UK. Newest MRI scans, latest CT scans, best diagnostic specialists all of this you can find at Capital Clinic Riga.

Cancer Treatment and Cancer Diagnostic in Latvia

Possibly Latvia is writing a new page in cancer treatment as Global Virotherapy cancer clinic in Latvia provides newest cancer treatment option: Virotherapy. Virotherapy is highly effective melanoma (skin cancer) option that does not cause side effects that patients have from chemo. Cyberknife Sigulda is providing localised cancer treatment, specialising in prostate cancer treatment with Cyberknife radiosurgery. Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer that is treated in Latvia.