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Living with knee joint pain caused by osteoarthritis can be incredibly uncomfortable and can significantly impact your quality of life. If knee pain is disrupting your daily life, your doctor may suggest a knee replacement. However, the high cost of this procedure in the UK may make it unaffordable for some patients.

If you’re living in the UK and considering knee replacement surgery, have you ever thought about exploring the option of having the procedure done abroad? There are numerous advantages to doing so, including lower costs, shorter waiting times, and access to highly skilled surgeons who specialize in this procedure.

One ideal destination for having your knee replacement surgery abroad is Turkey. In addition to having a reputation for providing high-quality medical care, Turkey is a popular destination for medical tourism due to its lower costs, modern facilities, and experienced surgeons.

In this article, we will go over the potential advantages of knee replacement surgery abroad and why Turkey is an ideal destination for this procedure. Don’t let the cost and wait time keep you from a pain-free life. Explore the option of knee replacement surgery abroad and consider Turkey for your medical needs. Additionally, we will compare traditional knee replacement surgery with the newer robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery, which is becoming increasingly popular and is available in Turkey. You can make an informed decision about which type of surgery is best for you based on the comparison.

Advancements in Knee Replacement Surgery Techniques

Robotic knee replacement surgery, Advancements in technology have significantly improved knee replacement surgery over the years. From manual guides to computer-generated surgical plans, the methods used have become more precise and tailored to each patient’s unique needs. However, these methods still have their limitations, including increased costs and risks of complications.

That’s where robotics-assisted surgery comes in. This cutting-edge approach combines the benefits of traditional techniques with the latest innovations in robotics to provide the most accurate and precise knee replacement surgery possible. By using a robotic surgical arm, your surgeon can navigate small places and execute the procedure with the steadiest hand.

One of the most significant advantages of robotics-assisted surgery is the elimination of metal rods, CT scans, and pre-surgical MRIs. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of complications and radiation exposure. Moreover, patients can expect a better long-term outcome for their knee replacement surgery with the highest level of precision.

Choosing the right technology for your knee replacement surgery is crucial. If you’re considering knee replacement surgery, talk to your doctor about the benefits of robotics-assisted surgery and find out if it’s the right option for you.

How Robotics is Revolutionizing Knee Replacement Surgery

Robotic knee replacement surgery is changing the way doctors perform this common procedure. Unlike traditional knee replacements, robotic surgery uses a surgical arm or handheld robotic device to assist the surgeon in executing the procedure with the highest level of precision.

The Navio system is one example of this technology, which creates a 3-D image specific to your knee and allows for detailed surgical planning and implant selection. During the surgery, the Navio system guides implant placement and joint alignment with the help of a specialized robotic cutting tool and a digital 3-D model of your knee.

This advanced technology provides greater precision and accuracy, resulting in better outcomes for patients. The preservation of healthy tissues and bones in robotic knee replacement surgery also enhances the healing process and extends the usage time of the prosthesis.

Robotic knee replacement surgeries are known for being minimally invasive, resulting in a faster recovery process compared to traditional surgeries. Patients can expect to resume their daily activities shortly after the surgery, thanks to the precise and accurate placement of the new joint provided by the latest generation robotic surgical system.

If you’re considering knee replacement surgery, talk to your doctor about the benefits of robotics-assisted surgery and find out if it’s the right option for you. Robotics is revolutionizing knee replacement surgery, and you don’t want to miss out on the advantages it can offer.

Knee Replacement Surgery: High-Quality Care and Advanced Technology at Turan & Turan Health Group in TurkeyRevolutionizing Knee Replacement Surgery: High-Quality Care and Advanced Technology at Turan & Turan Health Group in Turkey

For UK patients considering knee replacement surgery, access to the latest technology and quality medical care can be a challenge. Long waiting times, high surgery costs, and difficulty in accessing services are just some of the obstacles patients may face. However, there is a solution – getting knee replacement surgery abroad.

One of the leading destinations for knee replacement surgery abroad is Turan & Turan Health Group in Bursa, Turkey. The hospital offers a full range of high-quality and personalized orthopaedic surgical procedures, including total joint replacements and spinal operations.

At Turan & Turan, orthopaedic surgeons with extensive experience in total knee replacements work with a robotic assistant to provide real-time information and ensure precise placement of the new joint based on the patient’s anatomy. With over 2200 robotic surgery cases successfully performed, Turan & Turan has established itself as a leading modern orthopaedic group.

Choosing Turan & Turan for your knee replacement surgery means access to top-notch medical facilities and expert care in a safe and like-home environment. Don’t let long wait times and high costs hold you back from living a pain-free life. Consider the option of knee replacement surgery abroad and experience the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery in Turkey.

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in Turkey: A Safe, Cost-Effective Solution for Patients

Robotic knee replacement surgery is not widely available in all hospitals in the UK, making it even more challenging to access this service. When it comes to choosing a doctor for robotic knee replacement surgery, Turkey offers a unique advantage. Patients can directly consult with expert doctors, such as Dr. Kayhan Turan who studied in Northwestern University School of Medicine Sports Orthopedics clinic in Chicago, and choose the one that suits their needs. At Turan & Turan Health Group in Bursa, Turkey, patients can expect prompt attention and care. After a thorough examination, if it is determined that robotic knee replacement surgery is necessary, you will undergo the required tests and procedures before the surgery.

To ensure maximum precision and accuracy during the surgery, a surgery plan will be developed that is specific to the patient’s knee anatomy. The latest generation robotic surgical system will then be used to carry out the procedure. Patients can expect a comfortable and fast operation and recovery process, with a high success rate and patient satisfaction rate.

The total cost of services, which includes examination, preoperative tests, screenings, imaging, a 5-day hospital stay with room fees, doctor and nurse follow-up, and airport-hospital transfers, ranges between £7,000 to £8,000. This is significantly lower than the cost of robotic knee replacement surgery in the UK where the price is between £10,000 to £20,000, and the quality of care is just as high.

In conclusion, patients looking for a safe and cost-effective solution for their robotic knee replacement surgery should consider Turan & Turan Health Group in Turkey. With a team of experienced and skilled doctors, patients can expect the highest level of care and a successful outcome.

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