Private Treatment in Poland: Costs, Treatments, Clinics

NHS waiting lists are too long in the UK, it is normal to wait up to 18 weeks or more for NHS (National Health Service) treatment, and in most cases, people wait for months to have serious heart, orthopaedic and other types of surgeries. This is very common in other countries too and is not acceptable for most people making it one of the biggest reasons to look for alternatives abroad. And now according to EU rules, you can travel abroad at NHS will refund up to the full cost of treatment abroad. This is why private treatment in Poland is becoming an even more popular choice for NHS patients.

Private Treatment in Poland: Costs, Treatments, Clinics

Private medical treatment in Poland

Private treatment and medical tourism were on the increase in Poland over the last few years, and the number of medical procedures, particularly in the area of cosmetic surgery, orthopaedic, and gynaecology has been rising dramatically. Medical tourists started to arrive in significant numbers from around 2003 and today, people from all over the world choose to have their private cosmetic surgery, dental treatment, orthopaedic treatment, gynecologic operations and heart surgeries to be done in Poland.
English, German and Russian are spoken in most of the urban centres abroad in Poland, and most tourist facilities have good linguistic abilities. Meaning that there is no reason for anyone to worry about not knowing Polish.

As in many former Eastern Bloc states, the healthcare system in Poland has undergone radical changes as it has adapted from communism to open-market capitalism.
With the government backing and strong investment from international private healthcare providers, Poland is rapidly becoming a leading destination for healthcare tourism in Europe, offering that ideal combination of high-quality care and low, affordable prices.

Medical treatment development in Poland

Since 2009, several high profile, top quality clinics have been built, including medical centres in Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow, Gdansk, Lublin, Wroclaw, Lodz, Bydgoszcz, Katowice and Bialystok. Many another brand new, state of the art clinics and hospitals are planned over the next few years, providing the very highest standards of equipment, service and medical treatment abroad for medical tourists.

It would seem that what can interest in Poland, which for many years was considered almost one of the republics of the former Soviet Union? Medical treatment abroad in Poland at present will pleasantly surprise not only the service but also the quality of those services for which its specialists are taking. Occupying the seventh place in terms of the number of SPA and wellness centres, medical care in Poland actively promotes a healthy lifestyle, a well-groomed body and a constant good mood.

But do not make hasty conclusions about the fact that it is not very realistic to get high-quality medical care in the country, given the various problems that exist. Poland is one of the leading infertility treatment centres –and has a dozen centres that are located throughout the country. As a rule, practising doctors undergo preliminary training in European countries or the USA, which allows using the most advanced techniques and sophisticated technologies while working at the level of clinics in Europe.

Level of private medical treatment in Poland

The level of care and medical treatment visually demonstrates what a real European medicine should look like. In total, Poland annually visits more than a quarter of a million foreign visitors coming to these or those health programs. Also, medical care based on respect for the rights of the patient. There is also a register of doctors in Poland, where you can check the current license of any doctor. Poland has 160 centres of invasive cardiology, the highest in Europe. Furthermore, the clinical research market in Poland is estimated at 1 billion zloty, which is 3% of the total clinical research market.

Prices and costs of medical treatment abroad in Poland (Pounds):

  • Hip replacement £4750
  • Knee replacement £4950
  • Gastric bypass £5500
  • ACL reconstruction £2500
  • Mastectomy £1320
  • Nasal septal correction £1200
  • Abdominoplasty £2073
  • Breast reduction £1090
  • Breast implants £1350
  • Dental crowns £540

Advantages of medical treatment abroad in Poland

High-quality services at affordable prices. A comprehensive approach to patient favourable, temperate climate for the restoration – good weather and climatic conditions of a modern, safe and welcoming country hospital room equipped with equipment of the highest quality, monitoring of vital functions of the patient, health care 24 hours a day. Consultation on English, German, Russian. The number of medical centres, rehabilitation sanatoriums, health and spa centres, European level is provided Services and conditions for treatment is confirmed by appropriate quality certificates, where treatment often does not allow invasive methods.

Dental procedures are some of the most dynamically developing branches of treatment in Poland- given the enormous popularity of such treatments, foreign trips for a beautiful smile have already earned its own name. Dental tourism is a flourishing trend in Poland, mainly due to its highly competitive prices, which are 50 – 80% lower than comparable procedures in Germany, Great Britain or the USA.

More and more per cent of patients are made up of foreign visitors, primarily German, British, Irish, Swiss and the Scandinavians.

Cardiology is a branch of treatment in Poland dealing with diseases and defects of the cardiovascular system (heart, aorta and small blood vessels), their diagnosis and treatment. Cardiology focuses not only on congenital and acquired heart disease but also deals with blood vessels. In the interests of cardiologists is so full and so the circulatory system. Cardiovascular diseases (cardiovascular diseases called) including, among others hypertension.

Best private clinics and specialities in Poland

Private orthopaedic treatment in Poland

Best orthopaedic specialist in Poland can be found in private orthopaedic clinics in major cities across Poland. The most modern specialised centre for traumatology-orthopaedics, spinal issues and rheumatology in the in Poland are located in Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Krakow, Lublin, Bydgoszcz, Wroclaw, Katowice, Rzeszow with the only exemption is spin surgery clinic Vital Medic that is located in Kluczbork… The orthopaedic clinics employ best specialists in their area, Best clinics in every Poland are CM Gamma in Warsaw, St Wojciech Hospital in PoznanMed Polonia in Poznan, Zagiel Med in Lublin.

Specialised Vein Varicose Treatment Centers in Poland

Best vein varicose treatment clinics in Poland can be found in private vascular clinics in major cities across Poland. The most modern specialised centre for vein varicose treatment in the in Poland is located in Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Krakow, Lublin, Bydgoszcz, Wroclaw, Katowice, Rzeszow. Best clinics in every Poland are: St Wojciech’s Hospital in Poznan, Med Polonia in Poznan, Zagiel Med in Lublin, Stadmedica in Bydgoszcz.

Fertility Treatment in Poland

There are several main players infertility treatment in Poland clinic. Fertility treatment clinics compete in the attraction of foreign patients by developing their service and offer every year. Competition infertility treatment in Poland has led to a decrease in costs and increased quality of service. It would be hard to find individual and professional service at costs of fertility treatment that is done by clinics in Poland. The fertility treatment clinics employ the best specialists in their area, best clinics in Poland are Gyncentrum in Katowice.

Bariatric Surgery in Poland

There is more than one clinic that specialises in bariatric weight loss surgery in Poland are hitting new heights as many clients from the UK and Europe go to Poland for bariatric surgeries in Poland. There are many clinics in Poland that do offer bariatric surgery and we would suggest Klinika Mazan in Katowice.

Endometriosis Treatment in Poland

In the field of endometriosis treatment, there is one leader and that is a clinic that is located 2-hour drive away from Warsaw and it is Klinika Tomaszewski in Bialystok. It is so popular in the UK that they have deployed their best specialist Prof. Pawel Knapp to London to provide patients with preoperative and after operation check up in London. Prof. Pawel Knapp is one of the best gynaecology specialists in Poland and it is possible to see him in London. Not many clinics in Poland do offer that level of care for their patients as Klinika Tomaszewski in Bialystok does.