Facial plastic surgery

Affordable facial plastic (face lift and eyelid) surgery abroad


Your face is the business card, and it is quite natural that you want to look as good as you feel. Human bodies age naturally, and that affects the skin on your face. Ageing is a slow process if we do not encourage it with too little sleep, smoking, presence in smoky rooms, too much exposure to the sun and insufficient care for our facial skin.

Affordable rhythidectomy surgery abroad

Rhythidectomy is a surgical treatment which can be performed abroad usually known as a face lift this improves visible signs of ageing. It is usually preformed as a full face lift which involves the face area below eyes and the neck. It can also be done as a mini rhythidectomy which involves midface area without the neck .The r face lift surgery performed abroad can be combined with eyelids surgery and a brow lift. It can also be done as a mini face lift which involves midface area without the neck.

The rhythidectomy treatment abroad is much cheaper than in the UK.  The best candidates for undergoing the face lift abroad are patients who have significant sagging, loss of muscle tone, loose skin and also excess of fat tissue in the area of midface, jowls and/or neck. The rhythidectomy surgery abroad is provided under general anaesthesia and requires at least 3 days of stay in the clinic under medical care. During face lift operation skin is being cut above the auricle, within the hairy skin of the temple, then down in front of the ear and behind the auricle up, then transverse to the scalp of occiput. Later the skin is being released of the entire cheek and depending on the conditions, also of the neck. By the parotid gland the buccal fascia is being shorten, which results in cheek rejuvenation.

On the neck the wide muscle of the neck is being pulled tight, which reduces the neck wrinkles. At the end of the facial plastic surgery the excess of skin is being removed through cutting off, which results in additional evening of the face.  There are three main types of face lift surgery; traditional face lift surgery, minimal access cranial suspension (MACS) face lift surgery and keyhole face lift surgery. Your surgeon will advise you on which method is most suitable and which will produce the best result. For many people going abroad for plastic surgery, combining a face lift with neck lift surgery ensures that the overall appearance is rejuvenated and patients who undergo this combination of the rhythidectomy treatments have reported looking 10 years younger.

Affordable eyelids surgery (Blepharoplasty) surgery abroad

Eyelids surgery is an aesthetic treatment for the eyelids which can improve the look of thinner, significantly saggy and wrinkled eyelids. The blepharoplasty treatment allows the doctor to remove bags which can be visible under your eyes, get rid of muscles or fat responsible for dropping eyelids.

Thanks to blepharoplasty surgery abroad which is much cheaper, you will gain a younger look and feel much better. In majority of cases upper and lower eyelid surgery is performed in local anaesthesia. In case of upper eyelid a surgeon cuts a skin in natural skin fold. Then gets rid of unwanted fat tissue, skin and muscle and finally stitch the skin. On the incision the surgeon puts some plasters on to protect the wound. In case of lower eyelid surgery a surgeon performs the incision in the line just below the lower lashes. The excess of fat tissue, skin and muscle is cut away. The edges of the wound are stitched together and plasters are put on to the wound to protect it.

Both lower and upper eyelids can be lifted together during the same blepharoplasty treatment abroad to get the same result as if you were in the UK and not abroad. The blepharoplasty surgery is not painful. After the blepharoplasty a significant swelling and bruises occurs in the area of eyes, which causes discomfort. If the Blepharoplasty treatment was performed under local anaesthesia a patient can leave the clinic even on the same day being accompanied by relative or friend. In case of general anaesthesia a patient should stay in the clinic for 1 night.  The cost of the blepharoplasty treatment is much cheaper abroad where the standards are just as high as in the UK.

Some eyelid operations are covered By NHS and can be refunded, if eyelids surgery operation is received in a private clinic abroad. Eyelids surgery abroad could be alternative you can afford.

It is possible to receive eyelids surgery pre treatment and after treatment consultation in London.

Affordable scar revision surgery abroad

Scars remind us of our past. Sometimes we want to forget about it and move forward with our lives. Now you can remove your scar. Different things can affect the severity of scarring, including the size and depth of the wound, the area, the thickness and colour of your skin, as well as the direction of the scar.

Some facial plastic surgeries can be covered by NHS and can be refunded, if facial plastic surgery is received in a private clinic abroad. Facial plastic surgery abroad could be alternative you can afford.

It is possible to receive plastic surgeon pre treatment and after treatment consultation in London.

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