NHS Refunded Shoulder Replacement Abroad – No NHS Waiting Times

Private shoulder replacement surgery abroad avoiding NHS Waiting Times. Why wait longer than you need? You can save money and time by opting for shoulder surgery as costs abroad for treatment is lower than in UK private clinics. There is no NHS waiting lists for shoulder surgery abroad.

What is shoulder joint replacement?

NHS Refunded Shoulder Replacement Abroad - No NHS Waiting TimesShoulder joint replacement endoprosthesis of the shoulder joint are the third most common shoulder joint replacement of the joint after shoulder and shoulder joints. Shoulder joint replacement is usually performed in case of arthritis if it is not possible to treat it non-surgically. For elderly people this surgery is performed also to stabilize shoulder joint, if twists reoccur also in cases when the fractures of the shoulder bone head is very damaged. Also shoulder joint replacement of the shoulder joint after lingering damages of rotator cuff.

Now NHS allows you to bypass the NHS waiting list for shoulder  surgery, by reimbursing costs of treatment, if you receive private treatment abroad.

Shoulder joint replacement is not as traumatic as people sometimes imagine it to be, assuming that bones damaged by arthrosis will be sewed off and replaced with prosthesis. This is the case only with bone tumour. Shoulder joint replacement by its nature resembles dentist’s office when caps are placed on teeth. Ends of the bones are slightly filed and artificial surfaces of joints are placed on them; these surfaces are made of metal, plastics or polymer. Average lifetime of the artificial shoulder joint is 20 years.
It is performed while treating chronic shoulder joint overload syndrome when steroid injections and physiotherapy was unsuccessful. During the subacromial decompression space for the rotator cuff tendons are expanded, thus reducing pain and restoring amplitude of shoulder movements.

Why patients chose to have shoulder surgery abroad?

  • Costs of  surgery – surgery abroad can often be found at a fraction of the price in the UK (between £2000 – £6000).
  • No NHS waiting lists surgery –NHS are having long waiting lists for shoulder replacement surgery (over 21 week), but by travelling abroad you can get treatment significantly sooner. And in almost all cases you will be able to get refund for shoulder surgery abroad.
  • Specialised services – private clinics abroad tend to offer specialised orthopaedic surgeons, well educated medical staff newest medical equipment. In situations when you are paying for service, you are expecting high level orthopaedic surgeon and that is what private medical clinics abroad do offer. And who would not want to be treated by same doctor who have operated on sport stars.
  • New surgery treatment options – NHS often offers cheapest available surgery, but in private clinic abroad you and your doctor can choose best available shoulder surgery. In some cases doctor will be able to perform surgery laparoscopically (Minimally-Invasive surgery).
  • Chose prosthesis – if you’re waiting for NHS shoulder replacement surgery, by opting abroad you will be able to choose best available prosthesis.
  • Rehabilitation after  surgery – Rehabilitation is curtail part of any shoulder surgery and often is 50% of successful surgery. You will get professional rehabilitation specialist guidance after your shoulder surgery.

Shoulder joint replacement surgery can be covered by NHS and can be refunded, if shoulder replacement surgery is received in a private clinic abroad. Shoulder replacement surgery abroad could be an alternative you can afford.

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