Stop Knee Pain Fast: Affordable Surgery Abroad (Skip NHS)

Suffering from chronic knee pain and stuck on the seemingly endless NHS waiting list? There’s good news! Knee replacement surgery abroad is a safe, increasingly popular option with significant advantages for UK patients.

Save on Knee Replacement Costs without Compromising Quality:

Ditch the high costs of private UK knee replacement clinics. Countries like Poland, Turkey, Latvia, and Lithuania offer top-notch surgery at a fraction of the price. Save up to 80% compared to private options at home, without sacrificing quality or care.

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NHS Refunded Knee Replacement Abroad Avoiding NHS Waiting Times

No more waiting for total knee replacement

The NHS knee replacement waiting list can be agonizingly long. Abroad, you can often schedule your surgery within weeks, getting pain-free and mobile much sooner. Knee replacement surgery including the implant, hospitalisation and physio starting from £5500.

High-quality care, and personalized attention:

Rest assured, you’ll be in good hands. Reputable clinics abroad boast cutting-edge facilities, highly qualified surgeons, and personalized care. Expect dedicated attention before, during, and after your procedure, with smaller patient-to-doctor ratios.

Combine Treatment with a European Getaway:

Why not turn your medical journey into an adventure? Explore a new country while recovering from your surgery. Many patients combine treatment with sightseeing, cultural experiences, and relaxation, making the whole process more enjoyable.

NHS-funded options with S2 form:

Certain European clinics accept NHS patients with the S2 form. After a private consultation, we handle the paperwork, and the NHS should issue your authorization within 4 weeks. Then, with shorter wait times than the NHS, you could even be treated within 3 months.

Why Choose MedRefund for Your Knee Surgery Abroad?

At MedRefund, we make affordable knee replacement abroad simple. We help you find the best clinic, navigate the process, and ensure a smooth, successful experience.

Ready to regain your mobility and quality of life? Contact MedRefund today for a free quote and embark on your journey to a pain-free future.

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