NHS Refunded Knee Replacement Abroad Avoiding NHS Waiting Times

Private knee replacement Surgery Abroad Avoiding NHS Waiting Times. Why wait longer than you need? You can save money and time by opting for knee surgery as costs abroad for treatment are lower than in UK private clinics, and there is no waiting lists. Costs abroad for treatment is lower than in UK private clinics. There is no NHS waiting lists for  Knee Replacement Abroad.

Cost of total knee surgery abroad

NHS Refunded Knee Replacement Abroad Avoiding NHS Waiting Times

As a rule, the cost of total knee replacement surgery in EU is lower than in UK. Same surgery in the UK can be very expensive! In many EU countries the same procedure can be found at a fraction of the cost. You can combine your total surgery  with a holiday! And price of holiday could be same or lower than same surgery alone in UK.

Savings for total knee replacement surgery abroad

Savings for treatment abroad will vary depending on the implant and the country you want to go. Many destinations abroad offer savings of 50- 80% compared to the cost of surgery in the UK.  Total knee arthroscopy surgery abroad will save you money and save valuable time. NHS waiting times for knee surgery can have impact on your quality of life. Surgery abroad is starting from £2500.

 Why patients chose to have treatment abroad?

  • Costs of surgery abroad – total knee replacement surgery abroad can often be found at a fraction of the price in the UK.
  • No NHS waiting lists –NHS are having long waiting lists for total knee surgery, but by travelling to other EU country you can get treatment significantly sooner. And in some cases get refund for surgery in Europe.
  • New surgery options – NHS often offers cheapest available total knee surgery, but in private clinic abroad you and your doctor can choose best available and least damaging total knee replacement surgery option for you.
  • Specialised orthopedic services – private clinics abroad tend to offer specialised orthopedic options and specialist, well educated medical staff newest medical equipment. High quality treatment is what private medical clinics abroad do offer.
  • Chose knee replacement prosthesis – if you’re waiting for NHS total knee replacement surgery, by opting abroad you will be able to choose best available prosthesis.

Total knee replacement surgery can be covered by NHS and can be refunded, if treatment is received in a private clinic abroad. Total knee replacement abroad could be an alternative you can afford.