Carpal tunnel syndrome

Private Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery Abroad Avoiding NHS Waiting Times

Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery in private clinic abroadCarpal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which the median nerve is squeezed where it passes through the wrist. The median nerve controls some of the muscles that move the thumb; it also carries information back to the brain about sensations in your thumb and fingers. When the nerve is squeezed it can cause pain or aching, tingling or numbness in the affected hand. Women are more likely than men to develop carpal tunnel syndrome and although the condition affects people of all ages, it’s more common in middle aged and elderly people. Carpal tunnel syndrome causes pain, aching, tingling or numbness in either one, or both, of your hands. It tends to come on gradually, over a period of weeks. The symptoms are usually worse in the thumb, index and middle fingers, but sometimes it may feel like your whole hand is affected. You may also have an ache extending up the arm to your shoulder or neck.

The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome tend to be worse at night and may disturb your sleep but you could also notice it most when you wake up in the morning. Hanging your hand out of bed or shaking it around will often relieve the pain and tingling.
You may not notice the problem at all during the day, though certain activities (such as writing, typing, DIY or housework) can bring on symptoms. However, if the nerve is badly squeezed you may have symptoms throughout the day. Your hand may feel weak, or your fingers numb, or both. You may find that you drop things more often and that activities which require fine finger movements, like writing or fastening buttons, become more difficult.

Many different treatments have been suggested for carpal tunnel syndrome but only a few have been proven to work. Not all cases are progressive and some may improve without any medical treatment abroad. Importantly, if there’s a particular cause for your problem then your symptoms may improve simply by treating this. In addition now NHS allows you to bypass the NHS queue for pain treatment, by reimbursing costs of pain treatment, if you receive private treatment abroad. So actual costs for pain treatment will be much lower than planned.

Doctor in private clinic abroad will advise you which treatment is available, and they will help to decide which is most appropriate for you. The decision is usually affected by how severe the compression of the nerve is. If it’s severe and your hand muscles are weak, then it’s important to get treatment abroad quickly, and you’ll normally be advised to have surgical treatment.

Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment abroad can often  including:

  • Steroid injection – injection can be helpful, although the effect may wear off after weeks or months. A small quantity of steroid is injected into the carpal tunnel, which helps to reduce any swelling. The injection for carpal tunnel syndrome may rarely be uncomfortable, but it can be very effective. A steroid injection into the wrist joint itself may help if you have arthritis in your wrist.
  • Surgery –  you may need surgical treatment abroad if there’s severe compression of the median nerve or if the numbness and pain doesn’t improve with other treatments. The surgical treatment abroad will cost much less but still aim just as high and have standards just as high.

Carpal tunnel release surgery

Carpal tunnel release surgery relieves pain by reducing the pressure on the median nerve. Surgical treatment abroad usually takes place as a day-case and you can expect to recover in less than a month. The operation is normally carried out under a local anaesthetic and usually leaves only a small scar. If you’ve had carpal tunnel syndrome for a long time – especially if you have muscle-wasting or loss of sensation – the operation may not bring a complete recovery, but the pain should be greatly reduced. For most people, the surgical treatment abroad is very successful, but, as with all surgical treatments, some people will have complications.,

Why chose to have carpal tunnel syndrome treatment abroad

There are more than one reasons depending on diagnose, required treatment, costs and others, these reasons include:

  • – Costs of carpal tunnel syndrome  – carpal tunnel syndrome treatment abroad can often be found at a fraction of the price in the UK.
  • – No waiting time –NHS are having long waiting time for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment diagnostic and treatment, but by travelling you can get treatment significantly sooner. And in some cases get refund for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment abroad.
  • – New surgery treatments – usually NHS often offers cheapest available pinched nerve diagnostic and treatment method, but in private clinic abroad you and your doctor can choose best available service
  • – Specialist services – private clinics abroad tend to offer specialised pain management medical staff and medical equipment. Cause if you are paying you are expecting high level surgeon and that is what private medical clinics abroad do offer.

Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment can be covered by NHS and can be refunded, if carpal tunnel syndrome treatment is received in a private clinic abroad. Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment abroad could be alternative you can afford.

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