General Surgery

High Quality Private General Surgery Abroad Avoiding NHS Waiting Time

General surgery in private clinic abroadYou can save money and time by opting for routine surgery as costs abroad are lower than in UK private clinics.

As a rule, the general surgery abroad is lower than in UK. General surgery in the UK can be very expensive, and in many EU countries the same procedure can be found at a fraction of the cost. Often this means that you can combine your general surgery with a holiday, for less than the price of having the same treatment alone in UK.

Savings for general surgery abroad

The actual cost savings you can make by having general surgery abroad will vary depending on the procedure you want and the country you want to go. Many popular treatment destinations offer savings of half or even more compared to the cost of private general surgery in the UK.

Other costs besides costs of surgery

There is more costs to general surgery abroad than just the cost of the procedure itself. You need to fly and pay for your stay, and you may also need to consider these costs for person that goes abroad with you. Private medical can offer complete packages, that will including arranging flights, accommodation and your aftercare holiday break, all for one set price. You can arrange your trip and then you will need to consider all the costs flight, transfer, accommodation and meals.
Even if the total cost of general surgery for your treatment is greater than having the treatment in UK private clinic, it may still be worth considering as part of your holiday plans. In addition now NHS allows you to bypass the NHS queue for routine surgery, by reimbursing costs of treatment, if you receive private treatment abroad. So actual costs for surgery will be much lower than planned.

General surgery abroad is cheaper

General surgery abroad is cheaper because their costs of service are lower. The wages paid to the general surgeons and private clinic staff abroad can be far less than those paid in the UK. It is far less expensive to run a private clinic abroad than if it is to run one of a similar standard here in the UK, so clinic abroad do not cut their prices they don’t have to charge as much for their services.

Why patients chose to have general surgery abroad

There are more than one reasons depending on diagnose, required treatment, costs and others, these reasons include:

  • – Costs of general surgery – general surgery abroad can often be found at a fraction of the price in the UK.
  • – No waiting time –NHS are having long waiting time for surgery, but by travelling you can get treatment significantly sooner. And in some cases get refund for general surgery abroad.
  • – New surgery treatments – NHS often offers cheapest available surgery, but in private clinic abroad you and your doctor can choose best available service
  • – Specialist services – private clinics abroad tend to offer specialised medical staff and medical equipment. Cause if you are paying you are expecting high level surgeon and that is what private medical clinics abroad do offer.

General surgery can be covered by NHS and can be refunded, if general surgery is received in a private clinic abroad. General surgery abroad could be alternative you can afford.

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