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Ocular prosthesis can be provided to people who have had their eye removed (enucleated or eviscerated) which is very rare, or to people who have damaged eyes, small eyes, or other eye-related conditions. Initially, a temporary ocular prosthesis is provided from stock and will be worn until an individual custom-made ocular prosthesis can be made. The custom-made ocular prosthesis are made from high quality cryolite glass and are individually fitted (moulded). Ocular prosthesis are manufactured by the ocularist in the department and hand painted in front of the patient. These ensures continuity of the ocular prosthesis treatment abroad to ensure it will be cheaper but still have standards just as high as in the UK, and eliminates the inaccuracies that can occur when the ocular prosthesis is manufactured at a separate location.

Ocular prosthesis are moulded and hands painted and are routinely manufactured in cryolite glass to less than one millimetre thickness. They can be made with optical corrections, clear pupils and as a solution to ptosis (droopy eyelids). Ocular prosthesis can also be fitted to microphthalmic (small eyes) or phthisical (wasted) eyes. Facial prostheses are supplied normally following exenteration (the removal of the entire contents of the eye socket, including eyeball, muscles, fat and tissues) and can be constructed of acrylic and/or silicone rubber. They are positioned and held in place by adhesives or by attachment to spectacles.

Clinics abroad also provide ocular prosthesis that are attached to orbital bone retained implants for greater sophistication. These are all manufactured on site. The orbital area is moulded and the new face area sculpted in clay and wax to restore symmetry with the companion orbital area.

If a child is born with anophthalmia (no eye/eyes) or microphthalmic (small eyes), the eye socket needs to be expanded to ensure that there is no residual orbital imbalance and to stimulate natural orbital and soft tissue development. This is achieved by various means over a period of days and weeks, depending on the individual case, to a point where a cosmetic prosthesis can be provided. This process needs repeating frequently to match the growth and stimulate socket expansion. Ocularists and surgical team have a great deal of experience and expertise in these more difficult cases.

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The treatment can be performed abroad for much cheaper the treatment abroad is not only much cheaper but it is better for you as you can skip the NHS waiting lists and that standards are just as high.

Some ocular prosthesis can be covered by NHS and can be refunded, if ocular prosthesis is received in a private clinic abroad. Ocular prosthesis abroad could be alternative you can afford.

It is possible to receive ocular prosthesis pre treatment and after treatment consultation in London.

In this world there are two kinds of doctor: the first are ‘normal’ doctors, the second – artists. Yes artists, because it is impossible to call them anything else.

We only offer best ocular prosthetics specialists in Europe with long-lasting experience in the field. They are highly qualified and have acquired their knowledge and skills in Germany, Russia, Great Britain and the United States. Only you will know the eye you have is not real.


Eye surgery abroad paid by NHS. 

Eye treatment. 

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