Glaucoma treatment abroad

Affordable Private Glaucoma Surgery Abroad Avoiding NHS Waiting Times

Glaucoma is a disease, in which there are disturbances in impaired outflow of aqueous humor from the eye, and that causes increased pressure of liquid   in the eye. As a result, it influences on narrowing of visual field, decreasing eyesight and optic nerve damaging. In case of optic nerve damaging, it is suggested to perform glaucoma treatment like trabeculectomy, phakotrabeculectomy, surgeries not perforating, and using implants as well as laser these glaucoma treatments abroad are more popular and much cheaper. If patients qualified for cataract surgery, suffer also from glaucoma, they may undergo both (cataract surgery and glaucoma surgery) abroad at the same time, this combined cataract treatment and glaucoma treatment abroad is much cheaper.

Now NHS allows you to bypass the NHS waiting time for glaucoma treatment, by reimbursing costs of treatment, if you receive Glaucoma private treatment abroad.

Laser glaucoma treatment abroad:

Doctors often recommend laser surgery before incisional glaucoma treatment, unless the eye pressure is very high or the optic nerve is badly damaged. During glaucoma laser surgery, a focused beam of light is used to treat the eye’s trabecular meshwork (the eye’s drainage system). This helps increase the flow of fluid out of the eye. Glaucoma laser surgery in private clinic abroad abroad is much cheaper than in UK.

Incisional glaucoma treatment abroad:

In contrast, incisional glaucoma surgery (also called filtering glaucoma treatment) involves creating a drainage hole with the use of a small surgical tool. This new opening allows the intraocular fluid to bypass the clogged drainage canals and flow out of this new, artificial drainage canal. When laser glaucoma surgery does not successfully lower eye pressure, or the pressure begins to rise again, the doctor may recommend incisional glaucoma treatment. Occasionally, glaucoma treatment may have to be repeated especially if excessive scarring cannot be prevented or after long periods of time.

Glaucoma surgery can be covered by NHS and can be refunded, if glaucoma surgery is received in a private clinic abroad. Glaucoma surgery abroad could be an alternative you can afford.


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