Skin cancer

Virotherapy – new effective skin cancer treatment

Oncolytic virotherapy is an effective virotherapy skin cancer treatment treatment using a special virus, which is capable of finding and destroying skin cancer cells in human body.
After being administered to a human body the virus finds and infects skin cancer cells. That process is called oncotropism. The virus replicates in cells of a malignant tumour thus destroying them. That process is called oncolysis. Viruses not only destroy skin cancer cells but also mobilise natural defence of immunity, including against tumour cells. Skin cancer is one of the fastest-growing cancers and has the highest mortality rate of skin cancers. More than half of skin cancer patients experience progression of disease within next 3 years after diagnosis. Unfortunately, current clinical practice guidelines for early stage skin cancer patients provide few, if any, recommendations for treatment after surgery.

How new effective skin cancer treatment virotherapy works 

The target of virotherapy, similarly to that of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, is cancer cells, but virotherapy differs in several essential advantages:

  • – Virotherapy melanoma treatment destroys skin cancer cells selectively without affecting the healthy cells of a body.
  • – Virotherapy melanoma treatment  stimulates natural defence system of the body by activating immunity, which other treatment methods usually suppress.
  • – Virotherapy melanoma treatment  can be applied in case when skin cancer that are not sensitive to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • – Virotherapy skin cancer treatment for skin cancer treatment can be used in various phases: before or after the surgery or in between radiotherapy or chemotherapy sessions.
  • – Virotherapy skin cancer treatment is recognised as safe and efficient cancer treatment method.

New effective virotherapy skin cancer treatment

Oncolytic virotherapy is an effective cancer treatment using a special virus, which is capable of finding and destroying cells of a malignant tumour in human body. Medicinal product is intramuscularly injected in a body. Virotherapy usually takes place on out-patients’ basis pursuant to tailor-made treatment protocol and in accordance with the application guidelines. Average treatment period is 3 years during which a regular monitoring of analyses and patient observation takes place.

New effective skin cancer virotherapy is a treatment method that is gentle to a body and has minimum side effects. Most common side effect is slightly increased body temperature (up to 37.50C) lasting one to three days.

Skin cancer patients across the world seem to have come to terms with the fact that the most effective treatment against skin cancer is – chemotherapy that actually destroys their immune system. However, a breakthrough virotherapy has been doing wonders since 2004 in skin cancer treatment. This new skin cancer treatment, which breaks down cancer cells, simulates the immune system and promotes cancer cell suicide, will soon be brought to the rest of Europe partly thanks to EU support under Horizon 2020.

Rigvir officially received its H2020 SME Instrument grant in early August 2016. Most recently, the treatment had shown ‘surprisingly positive’ outcomes for late cancer patients: A study published in July 2016 reveals that the administration of virotherapy in patients affected by skin cancer stage IV M1C, small cell lung cancer stage IIIA and histiocytic sarcoma stage IV leads to a significant increase in life expectancy and quality.
Virotherapy have successfully passed all phases of clinical trials on 2 000 patients. Some 75 % of skin cancer patients are already undergoing virotherapy skin cancer treatment in one EU state.
‘Rigvir virotherapy for skin cancer treatment is approved in three countries so far, however other patients can get virotherapy for skin cancer via medical tourism.
The skin cancer treatment works on a wide variety of cancers including skin cancer, colorectal, pancreatic, bladder, kidney, prostate, lung, uterine, lymphosarcoma, etc. This explains why it is also unleashing passions overseas: At the end of July 2014, the Hope4Cancer Institute in California, USA, issued a press release announcing that it was now the first institution in the country to offer Rigvir virotherapy to its patients.

A healing virotherapy skin cancer treatment
Skin cancer treatment virus was synthetised from the ECHO-7 virus, which can be found naturally in the intestines of young children. The virus selectively targets malignant cells, which it enters before multiplying through a process called oncolysis – eventually destroying the cancerous cell. Moreover, the virus makes the cancer visible to the patient’s immune system, enabling it to fight back.

EU registration of new effective skin cancer treatment medication
In order to become available in the whole of Europe, skin cancer virotherapy has to go through European Medicine Agency (EMA) registration. The H2020 project, which is part of the SME instrument programme, hopefully that this skin cancer medication project will be followed by phase 2 funding in order to perform the clinical trials necessary for registration with the EMA.

Research of effective skin cancer treatment medication
Recent study published online by Melanoma Research journal indicates that skin cancer patients would significantly benefit by prolonging their survival with oncolytic virotherapy skin cancer treatment.

The study revealed that the early stage skin cancer patients treated with oncolytic medicine were 4 to 6 times more likely to survive than those who following the current guidelines for the treatment of skin cancer.

The medical journal APMIS, (Acta Pathologica, Microbilogica Et Immunologica Scandinavia) has published clinical cases from Latvia when, thanks to the available virotherapy, patients suffering from cancer in the last stage have considerably exceeded life expectancy that is characteristic for such diagnoses. Publication elaborates on successful oncolytic virotherapy for patients suffering from histiocitary sarcoma in stage 4, small-cell lung cancer in stage 3 and skin cancer in stage 4. Patients have received virotherapy for a long term and during the skin cancer treatment their health condition and life quality have considerably improved. Patients undergoing virotherapy skin cancer treatment were diagnosed 6.6, 3.5 and 7 years ago and their condition improved and remained stable during the treatment. These cancer patients received certain type of therapy, which was commenced 1 to 2 months after the diagnosis. These results are promising and allow believing that a long-term virotherapy is effective in treating sarcoma, skin cancer and small-cell lung cancer.

Melanoma Research online published study revealed that the stage IB-IIC skin cancer patients treated with virotherapy were 4 to 6 times more likely to survive than those who, following the current guidelines for the skin cancer treatment, received no therapy and were observed only. It has been proved that Riga virus has an excellent safety profile, because no information has been received regarding any adverse side effects when undergoing virotherapy treatment or afterwards. Results show that the oncolytic virotherapy is a considerable gain for many patients, because it prolongs survival.

Now you can get effective virotherapy skin cancer treatment option in a private clinic abroad. New effective virotherapy skin cancer treatment option could be alternative you can afford.

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