Porcelain Laminate Veneers – Meet Turkish Dentists in London

PORCELAIN LAMINATE VENEERSPorcelain Laminated Veneers are a top-notch solution for achieving a more pleasant and beautiful smile. Tailor your smile by choosing the position, shape, size, and colour of each tooth. The entire treatment spans approximately 10 days, involving 2-3 sessions.

Laminate Veneer Preparation Process:

The preparation of Porcelain Laminated Veneers is minimally invasive, typically not requiring local anaesthesia. However, for sensitive or anxious patients, local anaesthesia is recommended.

  • Dental Preparation: Unlike crowns, veneers involve conservative restoration, requiring only about 0.5 mm of tooth reduction on the facial side. Measurements or moulds are taken and sent to the laboratory. The process takes a minimum of 2 hours, and some sensitivity to heat and cold may occur temporarily.
  • Laboratory Time: The porcelain laminate veneer preparation takes approximately 7 days in the laboratory.

Patients can maintain their daily routine with temporary teeth until the permanent veneers arrive.

Veneer Placement:

During the second visit, veneers are tried for fit, shade, and length. Changes can be made, and once approved, the dentist cements the veneers. The installation can be done with or without local anaesthesia, using a photosensitive resin that hardens with a light cure. This session lasts at least 2 hours.

Why Choose Us for Dental Veneers:

We prioritize patient-led care, collaborating with experienced dentists from abroad to ensure the best dental veneers in London.

  • Work with Leading Dentists: Our team collaborates with leading dentists to tailor treatment plans that maintain your natural appearance while enhancing your smile.
  • Preserve Natural Teeth: We aim to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible, minimizing preparation for veneers.
  • Patient Well-Being: Focus on your comfort throughout the treatment process, creating a clinic that feels like home.

Dental Veneer Benefits: What Problems Do They Fix?

Dental veneers correct the outer appearance of teeth, addressing issues like worn or chipped teeth, discoloured or dead teeth, a crooked smile, spaces between teeth, and broadening your smile.

Why Porcelain Veneers?

Contrary to common misconceptions, veneers offer a remarkable solution without compromising natural teeth. The minimally invasive technique transforms your smile, requiring no drilling in many cases.

How Do Veneers Work?

Veneers are a thin layer of ceramic fitted individually to the front surface of each tooth, cleverly disguising imperfections. They offer a long-lasting solution with proper care, lasting well beyond 15 years.

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