Affordable dental treatment in private clinic abroad

Dental treatment in the UK is extremely expensive and waiting times for NHS dentists are long and the service/materials you receive are the cheapest, so why not go abroad? Dental treatment is one of the safest treatments you can get. Based on experience we can tell that dental services in countries like Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Latvia are four times cheaper than in the UK.

Affordable dental treatment in private clinic abroadPrivate dentistry costs can prove to be prohibitively expensive in the United Kingdom, which means that many UK patients are considering having their dental treatment abroad. If you choose to use a dentist abroad, you’ll find that significant savings can be made.

Dental treatment abroad provides you with cosmetic dentists and implant surgeons have helped thousands of patients achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. Countries abroad will be happy to provide specific case studies with before after pictures on request.

Dental clinics abroad have modern dental facilities. Clinics abroad perform all dental treatments from fillings to complicated oral surgeries on implants.

Dental Tourism became one of the fastest growing medical fields in recent years. The beginning of this phenomenon is year 2004 when 10 countries from Eastern Europe joined the European Union. Among them: Poland, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and Lithuania. Now, these countries are leaders on dental and medical tourism market in Europe. According to data from the NHS in 2015 about 200 000 British chose different types of medical treatments abroad and 23% of them travelled for getting dental treatment abroad. Here are several reasons why this is happening.

Savings for dental treatment abroad

The actual cost savings you can make by having dental services abroad will vary depending on the procedure you want and the country you want to go. Many popular treatment destinations abroad offer savings of 50- 80% compared to the cost of private dental services in the UK. Prices for dental services in the UK are very high, plus there is a long waiting list for a specialist. In comparison with treatment conditions, dentists abroad offer dental services at a very attractive price. Prices for dental treatment are extremely good value if foreign patients are also attracted by the modern dental equipment in the clinic and latest technologies. Also, your treatment date depends on you.   These are not the only reasons why every year, more and more British people choose to get cheap dental treatment abroad.

Approximate dental treatment prices:

  • Oral examination, preparation of treatment plan and quote = £30.
  • Small X-ray = £10.
  • Dental X-ray (panoramic) = £30.
  • Annual control examination in Riga (inc. examination, panoramic X-ray, transfer) = £80.Tooth extraction (with bone preservation) = £70.
  • Wisdom tooth extraction = £180.
  • Root resection (front teeth) = £180.
  • Implant replace = £1010.
  • Crown with abutment = £700.
  • Healing Cap = £90.
  • Total – Replace Implant System (standard abutment and metal ceramic crown) = £1710.
  • Total – Replace Implant System (Zirconium abutment) = £2360.
  • Sinus lift (close/open) = £640.
  • Tooth with one root canal = £130.
  • Tooth with two root canals = £180.
  • Tooth with three root canals = £260.
  • Tooth with four root canals = £260.
  • Bone Grafting (surgery) = £260.
  • 0.5 Gr Bone (BioOss) = £170.
  • Composite on lay = £220.
  • Porcelain inlay / on lay = £370.
  • Composite tooth restoration = £170.
  • Composite tooth fillings = £60.
  • Metal ceramic crown, bridge (per unit) = £280.
  • Metal-free porcelain crown, bridge (per unit)  = £460.
  • Ceramic Gold Crown (with 2g gold) = £460.
  • Full porcelain Crown or Bridge unit with Zirconium = £550.
  • Metal ceramic crown to an implant (without abutment) = £520.
  • Zirconium crown to an implant (without abutment) = £740.
  • Temporary abutment = £90.
  • Temporary crown = £60.
  • Temporary denture (partial or full) = £260.
  • Removable plastic denture = £550.
  • Removable metal denture = £550.
  • Porcelain veneer = £550.
  • Full professional tooth whitening in the consultation room (Britesmile) = £830.
  • Professional Home Tooth Whitening Kit = £280.
  • Office Teeth Whitening (one tooth) = £60.
  • Professional teeth cleaning & polishing 60 min = £60.

Why dental treatment abroad is cheaper?

Dental treatment abroad is cheaper because their costs of service are lower. The wages paid to the dentists and private clinic staff abroad can be far less than those paid in the UK. It is far less expensive to run a private clinic abroad than if it is to run one of a similar standard here in the UK, so clinic abroad to cut their prices they don’t have to charge as much for their services. Dental treatment service will be provided in high quality and by best dentist.

Dental treatment abroad could be alternative you can afford.