4 tips for having your NHS surgery sooner.

Get NHS surgery sooner with these 4 tips.Get NHS surgery sooner with these 4 tips. Why wait longer than you need to? The maximum waiting time for non-urgent consultant treatments is 18 weeks, and from what we have learned from our clients, sometimes they were forced to endure pain and possible disability by increasing NHS waiting times for routine surgeries. With a little proactive thinking and determination, it is possible to get NHS surgery sooner. Just use these 4 tips and you will get surgery well within the 18-week maximum period. If your loved one or yourself is in pain, your wait for treatment is unacceptable for you and it is affecting your everyday activities, read on and discover how you could get the required treatment sooner…

Chose a provider abroad to get your NHS surgery quicker

When you are choosing where you might receive treatment do not forget that you might receive NHS refunded treatment abroad. Always research waiting times for your treatment in your local hospital and compare them to waiting times in private clinics abroad. You can do this by checking NHS hospital websites – many update their waiting times at least weekly. Private hospitals can provide treatment within 1-2 weeks from initial contact or once you obtained NHS permission to receive refunded private treatment abroad.

Jump the NHS waiting list by choosing refunded treatment abroad.

If you are on the waiting list for surgery, and your condition deteriorated whilst on holiday you are entitled to NHS funded private treatment abroad. Sometimes the NHS postpones the surgeries for several months. If this happens due to non-clinical reasons, you should be offered another date within 28 days. If the NHS cancels before your admission date these rights may not be applied. The NHS cancellation means you are waiting for longer, you can ask the NHS to allow you to travel abroad. In order to access this option, you will need to contact us and we will be able to get your NHS permission to travel abroad and receive NHS refunded treatment. This process usually takes between 4-6 weeks.

Waiting times to confirm diagnosis can be longer than 18 weeks. Medrefund LTD can arrange your pre-surgery consultation in the UK or a one or two day trip to one of our partner clinics, where you will get the necessary diagnostic and consultation and possible treatment plan. We will use this information to seek permission to travel abroad for NHS refunded treatment.

Chose a private doctor to get your NHS surgery sooner

You can use your private doctors’ medical reports to access NHS funded treatment. You still will have to travel and treatment will be considerably lower after the NHS refund process is finished.

Access NHS refunded treatments well within the recommended 18 weeks at various treatment centres across Europe. We enable you to have your surgery quicker than the NHS 18 weeks.



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