Spinal stenosis surgery in Spain


Spinal stenosisWhat is spinal stenosis, why it needs to be treated and why to have spinal stenosis surgery in Spain? The narrowing of the spinal canal and obstruction of the nerves located within the spinal canal is called lumbar spinal stenosis. Most commonly, lower parts of the lumbar spine are affected. The nerves located in this part of the spine are responsible for the innervation of the legs.  In fact, symptoms can lead too, and cause, problems affecting the quality of life for example: walking. Specialised high-level private medical treatment is available in the biggest cities in Spain without any delays.

Why spinal stenosis surgery is required?

Surgery may be considered if other treatments haven’t helped or if your everyday activity is limited by your symptoms. The goals of surgery include relieving the pressure on your spinal cord or nerve roots by creating more space within the spinal canal. Surgery to decompress the area of stenosis is the most definitive way to try to resolve symptoms of spinal stenosis.

Recovery time for spine surgery depends on the individual patient and the complexity of the required surgery. Typically, the recovery time for spinal stenosis surgery is 4 to 6 days and 2 to 3 days for herniated disc surgery.

Hospitals in Spain

Quirónsalud has clinics and hospitals across Spain and many UK residents chose to have treatment in Spain. Quirónsalud is the largest hospital group in Spain. Following a merger with the German company, Fresenius-Helios, they now are the largest hospital group in Europe. The hospital network covers all medical specialities; earning national and international prestige for its work in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurological illnesses, as well as orthopaedic, ophthalmologic, pediatric, and gynaecological conditions.

Quirónsalud network has over 125 care centres, of which 50 are general hospitals and 7 are university hospitals in all the biggest cities in Spain. Internationally, Quirónsalud has centres in Dubai, Lisbon, Peru and Medellín (Colombia).

 Fachada Ruber InternacionalSpinal stenosis surgery in Madrid

Madrid is one of the most visited destinations in Spain and many of Quirónsalud patients visit their Ruber International hospital. The Ruber International Hospital is operating as a “comprehensive hospital. Central Services, the Medical-Surgical Units of the different specialities and Collaborating Physicians, are interrelated with each other and integrated into the Hospital processes. This approach enables achieving maximum efficiency in the organization and development of the different medical, healthcare, teaching and research activities.

A rigorous selection of medical equipment, with highly experienced healthcare personnel, together with the continuous provision of the most sophisticated and effective equipment in medical technology, successfully facilitates an optimum level of healthcare. The hospital has 174 comfortable individual rooms with terraces. The experienced and expert team conducts over 300 spinal surgeries in the hospital yearly.

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Spine specialists in Madrid

Notably, one of the best spinal specialists that are working in the Ruber International hospital is Dr Fernando Álvarez-Sala Walther who specialises in the treatment of the spine. During the treatments, he uses the most advanced technology for spinal surgery: O-arm technology, an intraoperative imaging system that allows a three-dimensional view of the patient’s anatomy in real-time, while the operation is being performed.


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