NHS Refunded treatment in Europe: GUIDE

Getting the right treatment in a NHS hospital can be hard if you have decided to go abroad, these are things you would need to know to get the NHS funded treatment in Europe.


Some treatments require prior authorisation from NHS.

Depending on are of your residence the NHS may request you to inform them BEFORE you receive treatment abroad. Please check conditions in your area for NHS funded treatment in Europe. Treatments that usually will need permission from the NHS are:

  • Hip and Knee Replacements;
  • Cancer treatment;
  • Vein varicose surgeries;
  • Barbaric (weight loss) surgeries.

What NHS funded treatment in Europe is available?

You have to be sure that treatment you are planing to receive in Europe is same or equivalent to one that is available in your NHS area.

If you are planning to receive new or experimental treatment that is not available through the NHS you may be refused a refund.

Who can access NHS funded treatment in Europe?

Please note that you are not a UK resident just because you have a British nationality, hold a British passport. You have to live in UK, you may hold any other passport and nationality. You will have to prove that you live in UK.

You will have to pay for the treatment in Europe.

The NHS will not pay for your treatment directly to the clinic, you will have to cover costs and the NHS will refund up to their price list.

You need to provide detailed Proofs of Payment – e.g. bills for medications, tests, procedure.

Keep all original invoices and receipts, other documents can be copies.

NHS will cover  only cost of medical treatment.

The NHS will refund treatment in Europe, but it dose not cover any other costs.

The NHS will not refund your travel and accommodation costs.

What can you do if NHS waiting list is postponed?

Medrefund LTD enable you to receive the best quality treatment without NHS waiting time, and we are do our best so you could get the NHS refund for your treatment abroad.

Medrefund LTD is longest working company in EU that specialises in application of EU patients rights and we have made most applications in England. We are responsible for at least for every tenth application in UK. We have helped more than a thousand people to reimburse cost of their treatment abroad.

Treatment abroad can be covered by NHS and can be refunded. Treatment abroad could be the alternative you can afford.

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