Jump NHS waiting lists

Jump NHS waiting list – go abroad and get refund

jump NHS waiting list

No more need to wait in a NHS queue or check your position in NHS waiting lists! You can jump NHS waiting list go abroad and Medrefund LTD will make sure that the NHS pay for your treatment – go abroad and jump the NHS waiting list. Did you know that if you have an injury or are on a NHS waiting list then you could go abroad for treatment and the NHS would pay for your treatment in private clinic abroad.

If you live in the United Kingdom, you may retrieve the money you have spent for health care services received in Europe. MedRefund LTD helps the residents of the United Kingdom to complete all formalities to plan and retrieve money spent on medical services received in countries of the European Union (EU).

In accordance with the legislation of the United Kingdom, every person legally residing in this country has the right to choose a medical services provider not only in the UK but in any other EU country as well. When receiving treatment outside the United Kingdom, its residents have the right to retrieve the money spent on healthcare.

The residents of UK may get planned treatment abroad, eventually jump NHS waiting lists as well, and retrieve funds from NHS – in the same amount that the National Health Service (NHS) would pay to hospital for a specific service in the United Kingdom. In Europe, the prices of medical services are usually lower than in the United Kingdom even in private healthcare facilities.

Understanding that it may be complicated to complete all the necessary formalities with no outside help. Over a period of years, cooperation between the private clinics abroad and the Medrefund has evolved into a fruitful and reliable relationship – patients who have cooperated with Medrefund LTD have at least partially regained the money paid for services received abroad.

Recently NHS is experiencing hard times and long waiting lists for various treatments, including melanoma treatment, prostate cancer treatment with Cyberknife, orthopedic operations, and IVF treatment.

Cost of treatment abroad is cheaper and more affordable even including flights and stay full body MRI will cost under £700, spine operation (disc decompression) £3500, ACL reconstruction £2500, breast reconstruction £3500, stomach reduction £3000.

Why wait for the NHS when you can go private and get the NHS to pays for it.

Now NHS allows you to bypass the NHS queue for routine surgery, by reimbursing costs of treatment, if you receive private treatment abroad.

Private treatment abroad could be alternative you can afford.


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