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 iVF Riga – fertility diagnostic and treatment in Riga, Latvia

IVF logo lapaiiVF Riga is a first choice centre for ART and reproductive genetics in Riga that specializes in infertility diagnosis and treatment. The highly skilled team of the clinic, which is headed by the famous reproduction specialist Violeta Fodina, has helped more than 3,000 babies to be born in a number of countries around the world. The professionals of the clinic will do everything possible so that you can live out your dream of becoming parents.

Now NHS allows you to bypass the NHS queue for fertility diagnostic and treatment, by reimbursing costs of fertility diagnostic and treatment, if you are on NHS waiting list and receive private fertility diagnostic and treatment in iVF Riga.

iVF Riga clinic offers you a full range of Fertility Treatments meeting the Highest International Standards and Regulations:

  • – Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment: IUI, IVF,ICSI, Treatment for couples and single woman, Treatment for women after 40
  • – Male Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment: Andrology and Urology consultations and services, TESA, PICSI, DNA Fragmentation Test, Sperm Maturation Test, Complex Sperm Tests
  • – Donor programs: Egg Donation, Sperm Donation, Embryo Donation
  • – Fertility Preservation: Cryopreservation for oncology patients, Delayed Motherhood and Fatherhood, Cryopreservation of Oocytes in case of Endometriosis, Cryopreservation of Sperm
  • – Reproductive Tissue Bank: ability to store own genetic material for 10 years, large donor database
  • – New Technologies in Infertility Treatment: EmbryoScope, EmbryoGlue, ERA-test
  • – Reproductive Genetics Centre: Genetic Counseling; PGS by aCGH – comprehensive all chromosomes screening of embryos in framework of ART treatment to improve pregnancy and live birth rates; PGD – genetic diagnosis of embryos before it`s transfer to the uterus for couples with known chromosomal translocations; Karyotyping – all chromosomes examination for infertile couples; Non-invasive determination of fetal Rhesus factor in pregnant woman`s blood; Molecular Diagnosis of Thrombophilia; Molecular Testing of the AZF Region of the Y chromosome in men with Oligospermia or Azoospermia
  • – Prenatal Care High-risk pregnancy, 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound examination
  • – Gynecology, including Diagnostic Hysteroscopy, HyCoSy, HyFoSy

A State of the art Laboratory, the most modern equipment including latest ultrasound technology (3D, 4D), day care centre, optimized processes and the highly experienced staff ready to help you to fulfill your dreams to becoming parents.

Fertility diagnostic and treatment abroad in Latvia could be alternative you can afford.


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