Orthopaedic Medical Center Gamma in Warsaw

Orthopaedic Medical Center Gamma in Warsaw is one of the most advanced private orthopaedic and neurosurgery hospitals in Warsaw also in the whole in Poland offering a full scope of medical care ranging from consultations, diagnostics, surgical treatment and physiotherapy.

Gamma Medical Center Warsaw

In one place we have gathered the following:

  • orthopaedic and spine surgery clinic,
  • two surgery theatres,
  • hospital ward,
  • complex imaging diagnostics (X-rays, USG, MRI, CT),
  • rehabilitation centre,
  • complementary medical specialities.
  • (internal fixation of bones, arthroscopic operations, reconstruction and suturing of soft tissues, reconstruction of ligaments and joint’s replacements)

Orthopaedics and traumatology at Medical Center GAMMA

Gamma Medical Center in Warsaw provides the Patient with the care of a physician specializing in orthopaedics and traumatology (including pediatric orthopaedics). The consultation is also diagnostic – directed to the organ of the movement and served by diagnosticians for many years cooperating mainly with specialists in the field of movement disorders. In Gamma Medical Center also accepts an orthopaedic, which diagnoses the youngest for posture defects, heals sprains, fractures and other injuries.

Gamma Medical Center undertakes the treatment of virtually all pathologies of the locomotive organs requiring maintenance and surgical treatment (fresh fractures, dislocations, muscle injuries, arthroscopy, including multiple sclerosis, peripheral nerve surgery, arthroscopy). Treatment of injuries to tissues and bones using operating procedures is performed by an orthopaedic surgeon, otherwise known as a traumatologist. After treatment, each patient is surrounded by a caring staff in the postoperative ward and has the possibility of rehabilitation under the supervision of an experienced therapist.

Wide range of services, comprehensive treatment and professional care are the advantages of CM Gamma in Warsaw.Gamma Medical Center Warsaw

Neurosurgery at Medical Center GAMMA

(spinal block, thermolesion, discectomy, decompression, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, stenoplasty and stabilization)

The speciality at Gamma Medical Center uses modern minimally invasive spine surgery and specialist neurosurgical operations.

Gamma Medical Center is the only company in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship offering modern DISCOGEL treatment. Gamma Medical Center also use SPINEJACK and DTRAX.

By using the latest treatment methods, Gamma Medical Center eliminates the cause of pain by minimally cutting the skin, shortening the time spent in hospital to a minimum (often less than 24 hours) and allow you to return to normal activity a few days after the procedure.

Until recently, spine surgery was associated with patients with complex procedures at risk for complications. Today, modern neurosurgery and spine surgery offer methods of low invasiveness, shortening the recovery period to a minimum. One of the most common causes of back problems is discopathy. At the Gamma Medical Center in Warsaw, we use DISCOGEL to restore the function of a damaged disk. The formulation is a gel implant – a mixture of ethanol, cellulose derivatives and a metal tungsten suspension, which is injected into the atherosclerotic nucleus, removes scar tissue accumulated there and anaesthetizes the nerve endings in the damaged fibrous ring. Thus DISCOGEL creates conditions for disk regeneration,

Gamma Medical Center also performs a minimally invasive treatment for SPINEJACK compression fractures. DTRAX technology is dedicated to the treatment of cervical radiculopathy. DTRAX treatment reduces neck pain and neck pressure in the neck.

Post-accident treatment at Medical Center GAMMA

People who suffer from an accident often feel confused, lack information on health and procedures for further treatment. At Gamma Medical Center, the patient is always the most important thing for us. That is why, together with the insurance companies, we take care that the patient receives complete information and the entire treatment plan.

It is also possible to get the opinion of an experienced doctor of the right specialization or to supplement the study – even if the accident has already taken some time and the patient feels that there is still no improvement or something goes wrong.

Thanks to medical consoles, we have the opportunity to propose the optimal way of working for a given injury. This is especially important when the need for surgical treatment is needed – we choose such treatments so that the patient returns to optimal fitness.

Sports medicine at Medical Center GAMMA

The orthopaedic medical center offers sports case services consisting of examinations and rulings on the athletic ability for athletes, individual athletes and amateur athletes, and children and adolescents up to the age of 21.

The study is conducted by a specialist in sports medicine and physicians with the current certificate of the Polish Society of Sports Medicine (according to the relevant regulation of the Minister of Health ).

In the Gamma Medical Center in Warsaw, sports rehabilitation is also available, dedicated to physically active people both amateur and professional. The main goals of our activities are: injury diagnosis, injury prevention, rehabilitation, recovery as quickly as possible after full injury, improvement of athletic performance through optimized training and strengthening specific muscle groups. In the process of sports rehabilitation, it is important not only to relieve the pain but to restore full fitness in the affected area. Physiotherapists work with athletes to improve the motor skills of a particular discipline in such a way that in the future they can prevent recurrence of injuries.

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy at Medical Center GAMMA

Rehabilitation at CM Gamma is primarily a professional staff that guarantees a quick return to full fitness and preparation for both amateur and professional physical activity.

The best specialists – Gamma Medical Center team in Warsaw are physiotherapists who specialize in various diseases of the motor system and cardiological rehabilitation specialists, treatment of obesity and diseases of civilization.

A key is a holistic approach – collaborating with the medical team, exchanging information and experience allows you to respond quickly to emerging problems and solve them.

Physiotherapy as an inseparable element of rehabilitation includes all activities utilizing the body’s reactivity to stimuli. Various methods of tissue stimulation lead to the relief of pain, shorten the duration of inflammation and restore physical fitness. Physiotherapy departments include manual therapy (massage), motion therapy (kinesitherapy), water therapy (hydrotherapy), or physical stimulation such as electricity, magnetic fields, ultrasounds etc. (physical therapy). Rehabilitation of children and adults takes place in fully equipped gyms and practice rooms. Under the guidance of therapists, our Patients are working on a return to fitness each day. Selection of methods for individual needs and systematic work bring the expected results.

If you need physiotherapist support on your way to recovery and health, contact our rehabilitation clinic.

Gamma Medical Center offers full-scope imaging diagnostics for adults & children:Gamma Medical Center Warsaw

  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound imagining (USG)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Computer tomography (CT)

Medical Center uses cutting edge PHILIPS diagnostic equipment (Gamma Medical Center is PHILIPS reference centre).

Center has implemented the PAX system to interchange medical data and to allow remote diagnostics.

Doctors at Gamma are highly experienced in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and pathologies (preventive and surgical treatment). Specialists at Gamma Medical Center are able to treat all conditions starting from fracture treatment through arthroscopy of all joints ending up to endoprosthesoplasty or spine stabilisation.

Gamma Medical Center offers fully equipped surgical base:

  • 2 surgical theatres and 2 treatment rooms with full arthroscopic surgical base and cutting edge equipment,
  • 8 comfortably furnished single and double rooms (in total 14 beds), including intensive care room (2 beds).

Rehabilitation centre at Gamma Medical Center is equipped with:

  • On-site individual training facilities,
  • Equipment for kinetic, strength and cardiovascular exercises,
  • Physiotherapy base.

Rehabilitation centre at Gamma Medical Center specializes in physiotherapy of patients with injuries of the locomotor system, chronic overload and degenerative changes and patients who have undergone surgeries.

The rehabilitation process is conducted in cooperation and under the strict supervision of the doctor.

Gamma Medical Center closely cooperates with over 100 professional staff specialized in orthopaedics and traumatology, spine & neurosurgery and complementary specialities, as well as technicians and physiotherapists, to offer comprehensive medical care the highest level.

Gamma Medical Center runs specialised medical teams dedicated to specific anatomical regions (i.e. upper limb, lower limb and spine). All teams are managed by its leaders with many years of professional experience and significant international exposure.

Gamma Medical Center ambition is to offer complex and coordinated care to the Patient. The most difficult cases are discussed on a weekly basis between doctors, diagnostics technicians and physiotherapist to offer the best possible treatment, including up-to-date technology and innovative techniques.

Now NHS allows you to bypass the NHS queue for orthopaedic surgery, by reimbursing costs of treatment, if you receive private treatment abroad at one of the Orthopaedic Medical Center in Warsaw, Poland. Orthopaedic surgery abroad in Gamma Medical Center in Warsaw, Poland could be an alternative you can afford.