ARS Dental Clinic

The ARS Medical Company was established in 1988 as the first private medical institution in Latvia. At this time, we are one of the leading providers of private medical services in the country. The ARS Dental Clinic has worked successfully for more than 20 years, and it is the largest unit of the ARS Medical Company. Our services have been appreciated for years by foreign clients who know that they can receive complex and high-class dental services for an outstanding price. Our highly qualified staff will ensure faultless aesthetic results and your comfort and good feelings. We are located in the city centre of Riga and offer specialists who speak English, German and Russian.


ARS Dental Clinic prices

  • Full dental hygiene EUR 55
  • Composite filling from EUR 55
  • Root canal treatment from EUR 44 (per root)
  • Laser bleaching EUR 385
  • Dental implants (implant + crown) EUR 1000
  • Porcelain crown on a zirconium carcass EUR 500
  • Metal ceramic crown EUR 330
  • Removable dentures from EUR 220
  • Orthodontic braces from EUR 400


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