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Refund for treatment abroad

If you have received treatment abroad – you have the right to seek reimbursement form NHS.

Private treatment abroad

No more need to wait in a queue or check your position in waiting lists!

Meet dentist from Turkey in London

Free Exclusive Dental Events with Turkish Dental Clinics in London

What else do we provide?


Translation of medical documents for our clients.

Travel insurance

You are abroad but do not have health or travel insurance in EU, we can help you!

Pay Monthly Dental Treatment

Imagine: achieving the radiant smile you’ve always desired with Pay Monthly Dental Treatment in Turkey.

Jump NHS Waiting lists

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What our clients say

Simply amazing company that provides excellent customer service and support. Special thanks to Aiga Kustkevica and Arnis Krasovskis for cooperation, understanding and patience. Would definitely recommend MedRefund to anyone.

Antra Ozinika medrefund opinion
Antra Ozinika

Excellent job,very quick and professional. Thank you very much 😊👍

Medrefund review
Julia Juka

Great and efficient service, good communication, would definitely recommend!

Valdas Ganosinas medrefund review
Valdas Ganosinas

Great service of getting medical fees paid back. The first time my husband had treatment in Latvia, we were unaware that we could claim fees back from the NHS. As we later discovered , as we hadn't told the NHS before treatment, we could not claim the costs back. The second time my husband needed treatment, armed with the knowledge given from the Latvian clinic about MedRefund, we were this time refunded these costs. It was a stressful time and the fact we could hand over this side of things, to a third party was a great relief . They did a great job of keeping us informed, throughout the lengthy process and got us our refund. I would highly recommend them and will certainly use them again if we need treatment outside the U.K.Thanks Arnis.

Medrefund review
Samantha van der Meer

Excellent service. Cannot fault them in any way. Thank you.

jon Medrefund review
Jon Andersen

I heartily recommend Medrefund. This company, despite the fact that sometimes the NHS requires additional information, they can manage everything that is positively settled. I have used their help for the second time and I know that I will use it for the third time. I am very happy.

ryszard gabrych medrefund
Patrycja Bartos

About Medrefund

At Medrefund , we believe that everyone has a chance to be healthy. However, if you have a situation where you require quality medical attention, rather than another dose of paracetamol, we can solve it! In addition, we will assist you in claiming back the cost of the treatment from the NHS.

Medrefund is a rapidly growing company, which meet the needs of our client and will continue to grow and expand the range of services offered. Our best business card is our hard work and commitment and that’s what we have thus achieved. Since 2013 hundreds of satisfied customers have trusted us and we have helped them to recover the costs of medical treatment abroad.

Medrefund is expanding all the time and now we provide our services for people living in Ireland and Norway.

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